Rolmat belts provide a flat conveying surface with maximum open area for free air and/or water flow. Rolmat Belts overcome tracking errors, and belt/pulley slip, while also providing a very flat even surface, minimising wear, and tear, as result, these belts are the number one choice
The belts are constructed with precision formed wire ribbon joined by straight connecting rods. They are available in standard or heavy-duty ribbons, in a variety of materials, in any length or width. The large open areas in Rolmat belts allow for easy cleaning and airflow for product cooling. In conclusion, above all things making them ideal for washing, cooling, and baking applications.


  • Larger percentage Open Area
  • Hight strength to weight ratio for increased capacity
  • Reduce tracking errors
  • Reduce belt/pulley slip

Further specifications are available for each range through consultation with our Change Parts sales team. Please get in touch with us