The range of spiral wire belts are used through a variety of industries fom food processing to heat treatment. The flexible rod belts are designed primarily for multi tier spiral conveyors. These multi tier spiral conveyors are the preferred spiral wire belt within the food industry.

The spiral conveyor is versatile with its ability to sustain high temperature use. These flexible conveyor belts have the ability to side flex which allows for great movement around the production process or obstacles within warehousing.The Spiral wire belts can be manufactured in both mild steel or stainless steel in a variety of sizes.

For many food production processes, we understand the production process and often will have ways to reduce shut down stops, increase productivity and hygiene practices with solution based practice.

At Change Parts, we have specialist engineers who will attend site and design the most economical route for the conveyor system and provide a full layout and installation drawings. Our engineers are often involved at the concept stage for the project, helping our customers with system layouts and sourcing of third party equipment for the overall contract. We pride ourselves on giving technical guidance to ensure maximum efficiencies on the conveyor system. 

We are very familiar with the strict hygiene requirements which are necessary when supplying and installing equipment and conveyor systems for the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.