For PET Bottling Lines :-

Nolu-S and Nolu-SR are unique, patented materials that is to say, it is perfect combination of toughness and extremely low friction in a UHMW based material. Our air conveyor profiles helps in:

  • Prevent bottle jams
  • Extend neck guide wear-life
  • Reduce scuffing of bottles
  • Increase throughput
  • Lower changeover times treatment.

Solus Bottle Side Guides
Replace brush guides which can scratch bottles. Solus Side guides Made from Nolu-S are:

  • Non-marking
  • More sanitary
  • Low friction
  • Provide smoother product flow

Neck Guides for PET Containers
Helps guide PET containers in high speed, air conveying applications. Nolu-SR is a proprietary alloy of reinforced UHMW and other USDA accepted lubricants, resulting in a harder, lower friction material that is ideal in these applications. Though designs differ, the material of choice is Nolu-SR, proven to increase throughput, reduce jams and wear longer.

Bottle Guide
Aluminum guide rail with Nolu-S insert is used to guide containers, especially PET, in applications such as air conveying. As many air conveyor users and manufacturers have found that brush guides not only tend to get contaminated with debris, as a result it increased friction and marking of PET bottles, but also the bristles can wear quickly and/or fall out. Therefore, Nolu-S is the perfect combination of extremely low friction in a tough UHMW based material. In Addition, Nolu-S will not mark bottles while allowing faster speeds and greater throughput.

Field Bendable!
Easily bent on site using a portable Valu Guide rail bender. In other words, bends to min. 30″ radius with zero crimping of aluminum which allows for continuous feed of plastic thru straights and curves with minimal splicing.