The Gratex and Cordweave belts are also known as Compound Balanced belts. The Compound balanced belt is a variation of a balanced weave belt. The right hand and left hand weave forms a very dense and smooth belt with a straight rod. This belt range offers an incredibly close and flat mesh for applications where small items are being conveyed.

The high density of compound balanced belt guarantees an even transition of heat toward the product and is preferred conveyor for food production of smaller biscuits or cookies. The Gratex belt provides a uniform heat transfer across the belt with its high density and smooth carrying surface.

Biscuit belts are made to meet specific needs of the baking industry and is versatile while being capable of sustaining high temperature use.The Cordweave belt is lightweight, high quality

At Change Parts, we have specialist engineers who will attend site and design the most economical route for the conveyor system and provide a full layout and installation drawings. Our engineers are often involved at the concept stage for the project, helping our customers with system layouts and sourcing of third party equipment for the overall contract. We pride ourselves on giving technical guidance to ensure maximum efficiencies on the conveyor system. 

We are very familiar with the strict hygiene requirements which are necessary when supplying and installing equipment and conveyor systems for the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.