Traditionally conveyor systems are built to fit the exact requirement of the customer fitting into a space constraint and performing a specific function. The conveyors usage in many cases is rudimentary and that requirement is to move product from one location to another in a consistent manner. Our intention is to provide a simple solution to this most basic requirement. It empowers you the end user to choose how they will achieve this. Where a traditional conveyor manufacturer will make a conveyor to fit regardless of the absolute need, our system offers standard lengths, e.g. A piece of equipment can be moved slightly to accommodate a standard length. This means that the customer is not paying for the unique design build of a conveyor when it is unnecessary.
The objective of our range of modular conveyor systems is to allow the building of a complete system from a simple set of components. These components are readily available off the shelf. It has ability to add to the conveyor whilst retaining the uniformity of build. You can have confidence that any additions needed later will just bolt into place with a minimum of fuss.
Although intended as a modular system most of the components can easily be modified to suit exact requirements. In most cases, this would nullify the advantage of a modular system. This system also offers a considerable degree of flexibility in the way we can offer it. Depending on your requirements we can offer the components only, pre-assembled sections, fully built conveyors and even site installation if required. Through economic use of design change in our range of components, we can facilitate this without the burden of holding excessive stocks which will force up pricing.

We believe the modular conveyor system offered will provide the flexibility of options to resolve economically a wide number of product conveying problems. Our representative will be pleased to answer your enquiries and discuss the variations available.