A Balanced Weave Belt is the most versatile belt in many industries. These conveyor belts can be made from different alloys such as 304ss and 316ss. The Balanced weave belts are a series of left and right hand wire mesh spirals joined by a connecting rod or crimped rod

Some balanced weave belts can be manufactured to match new or existing pinrolls and are available in a wide range of specifications.

These straight line belts are the most common choice for friction driven conveyors. The straight line belts alternate right and left hand spiral construction with endless customisation options. Change Parts balanced weave belts are an economical weave, have high stability, can carry heavier loads for increased surface area. This all purpose conveyor belt provides the best surface area for production, it is smooth and the variable weave is available in dozens of sizes or custom designs.

Balanced Weave conveyor belts are the most widely used material conveyor belts due to their versatile, flexible and excellent strength to weight ratio. They provide a flat surface and minimal maintenance.

Ideally, the Balanced Weave Belt is used in high temperature use and is positively driven by a sprocket or pinroll. These conveyor belts are easily customizable and ideal for bakeries and snack food operations. Balanced weave belts are most common within Industrial product processing, transfer and packing, annealing ovens, cooker and fryer processing and drying and cooling conveyor belt production.

At Change Parts, we have specialist engineers who will attend site and design the most economical route for the conveyor system and provide a full layout and installation drawings. Our engineers are often involved at the concept stage for the project, helping our customers with system layouts and sourcing of third party equipment for the overall contract. We pride ourselves on giving technical guidance to ensure maximum efficiencies on the conveyor system. We are very familiar with the strict hygiene requirements which are necessary when supplying and installing equipment and conveyor systems for the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries.